Picture, if you will, a detective and a doctor - no, no, not Holmes and Watson but more of a Mr. Inside, a Doc Blanchard type, and a Mr. Outside, a Glenn Davis, in terms of personalities and world view.

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Hello world!

Sublimity РPerchance to Dream is now available on Amazon Kindle as an E-book and can be ordered from Mira Digital Publishing, Chesterfield, Missouri 63005.  Enjoy!

Welcome to Rankin Ventures

Welcome to Rankin Ventures, a self-publisher of the written word. We are excited to be able to provide fiction and non-fiction work. This site is a repository for original, unless otherwise noted, works as discussed on the various synopsis pages.

At present, these books are, or soon will be, available for purchase here or on a retail book site. Check frequently for changes in the list of offerings or news about events or to post comments or questions about the works.

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