Picture, if you will, a detective and a doctor - no, no, not Holmes and Watson but more of a Mr. Inside, a Doc Blanchard type, and a Mr. Outside, a Glenn Davis, in terms of personalities and world view.

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Hello world!

Sublimity – Perchance to Dream is now available on Amazon Kindle as an E-book and can be ordered from Mira Digital Publishing, Chesterfield, Missouri 63005.  Enjoy!

About Rankin Ventures

Rankin Ventures, previously known as Rankin Computing and Management Planning, is a registered corporation in The State of Texas doing business worldwide. The company consists of two branches –

  • A self-publisher specializing in original fiction and non-fiction works and
  • A twenty-two year old computer consultancy specializing in process improvement and data base design
  • This business is a natural outgrowth from the seeming similarity at times between technology sales and fiction. Both seem to intertwine at times.

    To contact us, drop an email to:

    Or call